Monitors of Culture is an initiative of the ENCATC working group ‘Cultural Observatories and Information and Knowledge’ funded by the European Commission under the budget line Policy Grouping.

“Monitors of Culture” aims to reflect on the role of Culture Observatories in the Future in Europe. It is led by Cristina Ortega from the Institute of Leisure Studies of the University of Deusto in collaboration with institutions such as the Budapest Observatory (HU), ATER Fondazione (IT), and the Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles (BE). It is one of the initiatives which has emerged from the Working Group of Cultural Observatories and Information and Knowledge set up in 2007 by ENCATC, the European Network of Cultural Administration and Training Centres. The group aims to set up a framework for a discussion-platform- and exchange best practices with the aim of improving the design and the evaluation of culture policies in Europe.

As agreed during the first meeting held in Brussels on 17-18 May 2010, the main outcome of the project will consist of a final publication: Monitors of Culture. The publication will be in both

English and Spanish and will be organised in different parts, according to the following structure: the “SaCO”, the State of Art of Cultural Observation; a section with key articles focusing on different topics; and a set of Recommendations on the conditions needed for the setup of a Common Cultural Observation Methodology (CECOM). The book, planned to be published by October 2010, will be disseminated on an International and National level, and will also be distributed around the most relevant events focusing on Cultural Policy.

In order to complete the publication, a Round Table will be held in Bologna in July 2010 and will focus on the topic: The Present Situation of Cultural Observatories in Europe: opportunities and challenges.

This meeting will be followed by the final Think Tank that will take place the 8 and 9th of September 2010 in Bilbao, Spain. Its aim is to reflect on the Role of Culture Observatories in the Future in Europe and gather the results in a policy document that will be endorsed in an official ceremony and published within the final publication.