The Institute of Leisure Studies of the University of Deusto chairs the ENCATC Thematic area/Woking group ‘Cultural Observatories and Cultural Information and Knowledge’ since December 2007.

Cristina Ortega Nuere, from the University of Deusto (SPAIN), is the current ENCATC President and since 2007 the Chair of the ENCATC Working Group Cultural Observatories and Cultural information & Knowledge.

Members of this group are a mixture of old, recent and emerging observatories in Europe such as ATER Formazione, Culturlink, EUCLID, Interarts, The Budapest Observatory, LabforCulture, Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles, Osservatorio Culturale del Piemonte, Fundación Autor, the Croatian Cultural Observatory, and observatories from other continents.

So far the policy group has an alliance of over 40 European institutions and cultural observatories in 20 different countries and work in close synergy with major organisations at European level such as EUROSTAT, UNESCO, Council of Europe, IFACCA, as well as on other continents, such as OPCA – the Observatory of Cultural Policy in Africa- and OIPC -the Inter- American Cultural Policy Observatory.