On the occasion of the 18th Annual Conference in Brussels of ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres), the ENCATC Policy Group ‘Cultural Observatories and Cultural Information and Knowledge’ will join forces with PEARLE (Performing Arts Employers Association League Europe) in Brussels for a debate about the role of Cultural Observatories in the Future. During the meeting we will present the work carried out during the last months by the Policy analysis Grouping Monitors of Culture, one of the initiatives emerged from the working group and funded by the European Commission under the budget line Policy Grouping.

 One of the main outcomes of Monitors of Culture is the final document of recommendations regarding the Role of Cultural Observatories in the future in Europe. This policy document, that is the outcome of several initiatives (Bolonia Round Table, Bilbao think tank, experts consultation), will be presented during the seminar in order to move towards a Statement of Principles.

 Starting from this document during this Policy Grouping we will present an Overview of Cultural Observatories in Europe together with the National Reflections on the Situation of Cultural Observatories in the countries represented by the participating experts in the Policy Grouping. This first session will be followed by a debate entitled “What should be the principles that organisations might be encouraged to adopt in order to be seen to fulfil the role of a cultural observatory”, from which we would like to draft with your contribution a Statement of Principles that will be very useful for cultural observatories. It will be published in the final publication and we believe it will have an impact on the level of future cultural policies.

 Furthermore, taking into account the framework of this session, we would like to discuss about the demand of the private sector regarding monitoring issues and the new skills and competences required for this function. Therefore, PEARLE will introduce the debate presenting the needs of the performing arts sector.

 To register for this event please send an e-mail to: communications@encatc.org by the 3/10/2010

Participation to this seminar running on the 8th of October from 9h30 till 17h00 is free of charge.

We look very much forward to meeting you in Brussels!!